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Pigmentation Reduction

Heights Aesthetic Laser Center

Aesthetics located in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Are dark spots on your skin keeping you from feeling confident? If so, it’s time to talk to the licensed providers at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center about the pigmentation reduction treatments they offer at their office in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. To find out which laser-based pigmentation reduction treatment is right for you, call the office in New York City or schedule an appointment online today.

Pigmentation Reduction Q & A

What causes excess pigmentation?

Your skin relies on melanin for its coloring. In fact, if you have darker hair or eyes, you can thank melanin for your eye and hair color, too. 

More melanin means darker skin. If the melanin is spread evenly, it changes your skin tone. People with darker skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin.

But sometimes, your skin doesn’t evenly distribute the melanin it produces. Instead, it can create excess melanin in one specific area, causing that area to appear darker than the rest of your skin. 

Freckles, sunspots, and melasma serve as examples of this. You might also notice a darker area develop after the skin has been inflamed or injured, for example, after a breakout. 

This increase in melanin in a localized area is called hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, you have a way to reduce pigment where it’s unwanted. 

What are my options for pigmentation reduction?

At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, the team uses Lutronic® Aesthetic lasers to address excess pigmentation. 

They offer the following laser treatments for pigmentation reduction. 


The Heights Aesthetic Laser Center team uses the Spectra device to minimize the appearance of:

  • Melasma
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Birthmarks

Additionally, they use the Spectra laser to perform the Hollywood Peel, a minimal downtime treatment that helps you get a more even skin tone and texture.


Do you want to get rid of freckles or lentigos (patches of pigment that might resemble freckles but don’t fade or may be large)? With Ultra treatments, your provider at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center uses this nonablative fractional laser to break up the pigment and give you more even-toned skin. 

What should I expect during and after pigmentation reduction treatment?

It depends on the treatment you choose, but the Lutronic laser treatments come with minimal discomfort during your treatment and very little downtime after. 

Talk with the licensed team at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center about the changes you’d like to see in your pigmentation. They can recommend a specific treatment plan for you, possibly combining the laser treatment with other treatments to help you move toward your skin goals more quickly. 

They talk you through the treatment — including what to expect during your visit and how many sessions you’ll need — so you know exactly what to expect. 

To explore your pigmentation reduction options, call Heights Aesthetic Laser Center or make your appointment online today.


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