Why Should You Use Body Wash?

        If you do not wash properly, you can destroy the natural oils that act as a protective barrier for our skin. 

        This can lead to many issues that speed up the aging process, including: 

         Unlike soap, body washes tend to be more gentle and more hydrating for the skin because of their chemistry. Most skin cleansing products are made up of two parts: a lipophilic part, which is fat-soluble, and a hydrophilic part, which is water-soluble. The dirt itself is lipophilic, which means that it won't dissolve in water. Only something with a fatty product will dissolve the dirt and lift it off your skin. Enter the surfactant. 

        Surfactants are a combination of lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients. A surfactant cleanses your skin because the lipophilic part dissolves the dirt on your skin while the hydrophilic part washes it away. Body washes typically contain mineral oil or petroleum derivatives as their lipophilic part and water as the hydrophilic part.  

        Body washes are also more travel friendly than soaps. 

Can anyone use body wash? 

        There are body washes for any skin condition. But below are some tips depending on your skin's condition. 

        If you have dry skin, use a mild cleanser, which will often have the words "cream" or "oil" in the name. Try to look for body washes that contain glycolic or lactic acid, since these ingredients are moisturizing. 

        If you have acne skin, you will want to reach for body washes that contain chemical exfoliants, such as alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. 

        People with sensitive skin should avoid body washes that have fragrances or a lot of preservatives since sensitive skin may react negatively to those ingredients.

How should you use body wash? 

        While in the shower or bath, apply a quarter size amount to your washcloth, massage your glove or directly on your hands, and apply all over the body. Rinse well. 

        Hot water and large quantities of water can dry out your skin, so to stay soft and smooth, use lukewarm to warm water and try to keep your showers or baths short.  

        You can use body wash every time you shower or bathe. 

        For more information on what would be best for your skin book a free consultation by giving us a call at (347)916-0033.


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