Why Exfoliating Should Be Apart of Your Skincare Routine

                Who wouldn’t want softer, smoother, and brighter skin? There are more ways than one to achieve that, but one of the most common ways is exfoliating! A great skincare regimen is necessary for healthy, glowing skin; but why not make it better? A good exfoliation can enhance your skin in so many ways.

                Looking to achieve that baby soft, smooth skin? Try out a good-quality exfoliator to improve your skin. Exfoliation is a step you should implement into your skincare routine one to two times a week. Your skin sheds dead skin cells every month or so, but by exfoliating, you can give it that extra boost of a cleaner and softer feeling. What exfoliating does is help to remove the outer layer of dead skin you have. It also boosts circulation which increases collagen production. This gives your skin a bright, youthful glow. Another benefit to exfoliating is it helps to unclog pores and in return helps to prevent acne as well. Exfoliating has many amazing benefits to improve that dry skin!

                At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we not only offer treatments, but amazing skincare products to help transform your skin. We have a dual-action exfoliating cream called Vita-B Enzyme Polish that works wonders! Start exfoliating your body and face to see the magic happen. Your skin will become smoother and brighter. Add exfoliating into your self-care routine followed by a good moisturizer. When you care for your skin and body, it most definitely will show. 

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