Why Building Muscle With EMSCULPT Is the Best Way to Get the Derriere of Your Dreams

The ideal shape continually changes. In recent years, more and more focus has gone to a perky, robust gluteal area. People have tried countless things — from thousands of squats to shapewear — to get a bigger butt. They’ve also turned to plastic surgery. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest hours and hours at the gym, buy some crazy clothing, or go under the knife to get the derriere of your dreams. With noninvasive, convenient EMSCULPT® treatment, our team at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center can sculpt your buttocks from our office in Brooklyn.

This option for a rounder, more lifted butt might sound too good to be true. So let’s take a look at how it works.

Understanding EMSCULPT

When you go to the gym, you build your muscles by contracting them. EMSCULPT plays on that idea. The difference is that this body contouring tool can trigger significantly more contractions than you could in any single workout. In fact, a single EMSCULPT session can deliver the same muscle toning as 20,000 squats. 

It does this through high-intensity, focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) energy. By directing this energy safely through your skin into the muscles in your buttocks, our team has a completely noninvasive way to trigger rapid, powerful muscle contraction. 

As a result, your muscle remodels itself, getting larger and stronger.

That means you have an option to get a bigger, better behind without having to resort to plastic surgery, like the increasingly popular Brazilian butt lift. 

Tens of thousands of people wanted a more shapely butt so badly that they were willing to get surgery — but you don’t have to. Just ask our team about EMSCULPT. 

What to expect before and after EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT is completely noninvasive and a single treatment takes just 30 minutes. During your session, you relax on our exam table while your Heights Aesthetic Laser Center uses the EMSCULPT device to send HIFEM energy into your gluteal muscles. 

Just like a workout, you won’t see your results right away. Instead, over the coming weeks, your targeted muscles will remodel. You should see results within a couple of weeks and enjoy the full effect within a month. 

To get the best results, our team usually recommends a handful of EMSCULPT sessions spaced a couple of days apart. 

After each session, you won’t have to worry about any downtime. You can leave your quick, noninvasive treatment and head to the next event on your agenda. 

EMSCULPT is the first completely noninvasive way to get the derriere of your dreams. If you’re ready to learn more about this treatment, call our office, or make your appointment online today. 

We offer Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, and RF Microneedling. Call us to book your appointment today.

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