What you Should and Shouldn't do... Skincare!

The Don’t of Skincare!

Don’t ignore you’re your skin type!

                Don’t ignore your skin type is something that is not stressed enough when it comes to skincare! Not every product works for everyone so knowing your skin type and what it needs will make a world of difference to the appearance of your skin. Also, your skin type changes based on the season, hormones, and more which means you may have to switch up your skincare products based on the changes in your skin. Listening and learning is the secret to thriving skin.

Don’t wear makeup to bed!

                We have all had those days where we are so exhausted whether that is work overload, kids, gym, going out, or nonstop responsibilities. On those long days, coming home you may want to immediately crash without getting unready, but that is a major no especially when it to comes to skin care. It is important to remove your makeup and cleanse thoroughly every single day. Sleeping in makeup causes breakouts, clogged pores, and skin problems. Wash your makeup and cleanse before you go to bed to avoid a lot of skin problems.


The Do’s of Skincare!

Exfoliate one to two times a week!

                Exfoliating your skin 1 to 2 times per week will significantly change your skin into a soft, velvety feeling. This is a small, low-maintenance way to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing at a low cost. You can use an exfoliating glove and rub an exfoliator on your skin from head to toe! It removes that layer of dirt, oils, and dead skin revealing a new layer of soft clean skin.

A double cleanse is the way to go!

                Double Cleanse is the way to go! Often times when people wash their face without double cleansing, makeup residue and dirt are still left on the skin even if it is not visible. When removing makeup, first start by removing makeup with a cleansing balm. A balm will gently melt away the makeup without having to be rough to remove stubborn makeup. After that, use your normal cleanser to gently clean your skin further removing anything left and getting that deeper cleanse. You can feel a significant difference when you add that extra cleansing step! 


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