What Peel is Right for Me?

Your most radiant, even skin is within reach. In fact, it’s waiting just beneath the surface. With personalized peels from dermalogica PRO®, the licensed providers at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center safely remove the outer layer of damaged skin on your face, revealing the glowing new skin beneath it. 

What are Peels?

Peels, also called chemical peels, are aesthetic treatments that give you a way to resurface your skin. This allows you to literally peel away the top layer of your skin, where the cells may be dead or damaged from the sun, pollution, acne, or a number of other things. 

What Peels Do We Offer?

The licensed providers at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center use dermalogica PRO® peels because they’re safe and effective. The peels they offer include:

What Happens During a Peel?

If you choose a chemical peel, your specialist applies the dermalogica PRO peel solution to your skin. You might feel some tingling or warmth. Ultimately, though, the treatment is a lot like getting a facial. What to expect after your peel depends on the peel you chose. If you don’t want any downtime, your provider may recommend a superficial peel or the Hollywood Peel. Peeling and flakiness may occur, depending on skin type and sensitivity level. With a medium-depth peel, you usually peel for a week. With a deep peel, your skin may peel for ten days or more. It’s important to keep your skin protected from the sun after your peel. Once you finish peeling, you’ll have a full face of radiant, more even skin. 


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