Transitioning Your Skin Care from Summer to Winter

        Skincare routines are a vital step in maintaining healthy, radiant skin. An even more important factor is paying attention and truly understanding your skin type. Once you have that figured out, you can start to know the correct products that work for you. When you pay attention to your skin and what it needs, you will notice that skin type can change for a number of reasons. Someone’s skin type may change due to hormones, age, medication, or environmental factors. Throughout the year as the season's change, your skin changes as well. The transition from the warmer seasons into the colder seasons calls for a transition in skincare!

        The transition from summer to winter can cause your skin to react in a number of different ways so that is the reason it is important to switch up your skincare as the weather changes. Most people experience dryness and increased dehydration in their skin with cold temperatures. Some may become more sensitive as they experience redness, irritation, or dry spots. People who deal with eczema may also experience increased symptoms due to such low humidity. Also, many feel as though they do not have to wear sunscreen during the winter, but that is a complete myth! Your skin is still being exposed to sun rays even during the winter which means you are still at risk of sun damage.

        There are some tips and tricks to help your skin stay plump, hydrated, and healthy throughout the winter season! For starters, switching out light moisturizers for thicker creams for extra hydration is a must during the winter. Even products like hydrating facial oils are great to incorporate into your skincare routine. Along with hydration, making sure to drink a lot of water can help maintain hydration from the inside out. Continue to apply sunscreen paired with moisturizer so you are protected from the sun all year long whether it is sunny or not. Even switching your cleanser to a hydrating cleanser can make a difference.  Also, monthly facials during winter months can make all the difference in your skin and maintain results as well! Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers amazing, hydrating facials to plump the skin! Overall, listen and understand what your needs and you can maintain a beautiful glow all year round!

Are you interested in a hydrating facial when your skin starts to change as the colder months approach? Book a free consultation to learn about and treat dehydrated or irritated skin due to unavoidable environmental factors. Call us at 347-916-0033 to book today.

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