Transform your Skin with Laser Genesis

               Good skin starts with consistency and investing in your skin now while you are young. Why wait until your skin starts to have problem areas when you can prevent it? Even if you have problem skin now, let our professionals at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center help transform your skin into a smooth, bright glow! Taking proper care of your skin is so important and that includes treatments. We offer a laser treatment called Genesis which delivers amazing results.  

               What happens during Genesis is you lay back, relax, and let the laser do all the work. The esthetician will give you protective eye coverings while the laser device slowly moves across your skin. This treatment is nonablative and comfortable so no pain is involved in the process. It feels like a warm tingling feeling across your skin. Post treatment, you may have a slightly flushed look, but that is the extent of the side effects. That’s what makes Genesis such a loved treatment is the convenience for the clients with no downtime, short treatment, and no pain while delivering numerous benefits for your skin. Genesis treats problems like redness, reduces pore size, smooths fine lines, reduces rosacea, sun damage, texture, uneven skin tone, cystic acne, and more. It’s safe for all skin types so anyone can benefit from getting this treatment.

                Investing in your skin is so important because it helps age you beautifully and slows the aging process. Getting monthly treatments like Genesis will not only transform your skin but help with the way your skin will look in the future. Another benefit to Genesis is the confidence boost you gain from the way your skin will start to become smooth, soft, and glowy! You can call us at 347-916-0033 to book a free consultation to speak with our professionals about a plan of action to get your desired skin goals.     

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