The Struggle of Maskne!

                Since the pandemic, how we move and socialize has completely changed. The new normal has required us to wear masks to cover our noses and mouths to help prevent the spread of Covid. The requirements of wearing a mask have lightened up post-pandemic, but wearing a mask in public is still the new norm. Along with wearing masks, some people have experienced the dreaded “Maskne!” Maskne is the acne many people experienced from constantly wearing a mask. This can be from wearing the same mask, sweat, makeup plus the mask, and irritation from the mask. Luckily, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers an amazing acne facial to help get your skin back clear and glowing! You don’t have to settle with acne and problem skin wearing a mask has caused any longer!

                Our acne facial gives a deep cleanse that skincare products cannot reach! Our professionals first start out assessing your skin to see if you have oily, dry, or combo skin. During the facial, steaming the face is necessary in order to open up the pores for easy extractions. They will first start by removing any makeup if you have any followed by cleansing the skin. As the steam is opening up the pores, the next step is to exfoliate the skin. A deep exfoliation will be applied by the esthetician to get rid of dead skin and build up. At this stage, your skin is now ready for extractions. Any acne problem areas, pimples, or blackheads will be safely extracted. One thing we pride ourselves on is cleanliness so constant cleaning and being sanitary is extremely important especially when it comes to an acne facial. We don’t want to spread any bacteria or acne to any parts of the face so cleanliness and safety is our top priority. After extractions, LaseMD which is a skin resurfacing laser that helps with acne, acne scars, dark spots, sun spots, texture, and brings an overall glow to the skin. Lastly, the facial is finished with a calming mask to help hydrate and nourish the skin.

                As you can see, our facials are done with care and provide a deep pore cleanse from the inside out. Your skin will have a major transformation with our acne facials. Maskne is no longer a problem post pandemic when you invest in your skin with facials specifically for skin problems. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center can help get your skin glowing and clear! Book a free consultation with us by calling 347-916-0033 or booking online.


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