The Remedy to Stretch Marks And Scars

        Our bodies are put through so much as we go through life. Whether that be different experiences, puberty, gaining or losing weight, pregnancy, and just about anything you can think of. Because of this, sometimes people develop stretch marks or scarring which can be a confidence killer. If you have those unwanted stretch marks or scars that you have been dying to get rid of, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has got you covered. We have a LaseMD treatment combined with our Genius RFmicroneedling treatment that works wonders to even out skin tone.

        What does our Genius RFmicroneedling entail? It is a treatment that punctures the surface layer of the skin creating tiny punctures. This breaks up the scar tissue while the body will heal itself. Your esthetician can apply a numbing cream for any discomfort. Typically, patients feel a warm sensation along with a scraping-like feeling across the skin. Most people that receive RFmicroneedling do not think it is painful. Some experience slight redness or irritation, but it is very mild. You are recommended to take it easy up to 24 hours after treatment. The skin goes back to normal, and you can let the RFmicroneedling treatment work its magic.

        What does LaseMD entail? LaseMD is a treatment that uses a laser over the skin that has a slight tingly feeling as it passes over. Generally, there is no discomfort because this is a non-invasive type of treatment. There is no downtime for this treatment as well, so your skin will be fine within a few hours. Some experience slight redness that feels like a sunburn at most. LaseMD, like RFmicroneedling, is amazing for any stretch marks, scars, or discoloration you are looking to remove.  

        The combination of both Genius RFmicroneedling and LaseMD provides double the benefits to attack those stretch marks or scars. What both treatments will do for the skin is increase the production of collagen and elastin. This creates that bright, smooth skin. It fades that unwanted discoloration. Both treatments working at the same time create a beautiful result. The results are different depending on the individual. It depends on your skin, the severity of the scar, your goal, and how your body responds to the treatment. Your esthetician will look at anything you are looking to remove and be able to give you a general idea of what will be needed. It is our goal to make you feel confident in the sin you are in.

        Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has multiple effective treatments like LaseMD and Genius RFmicroneedling to get the desired results you want! Book an appointment with us today.

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