The Perfect Holiday Gift

                With the Christmas season approaching, the stress of figuring out what to gift people can be overwhelming. The holidays can be more stressful than enjoyable at times with family gatherings, getting gifts for multiple people, getting people together, and more. If you are someone wondering what gift to get a special someone this year, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has your back. A great thoughtful gift anyone can enjoy would be a facial or any treatment we offer. What's great about a gift like a spa experience is anyone can benefit from a mother, father, daughter, significant other, friend, grandparent, or anyone special in your life.

                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers a variety of facial treatments like facials, LaseMD, microneedling, RF microneedling, chemical peels, and more. We offer a single facial or a package deal for all treatments. If you have a special someone, you can purchase a package of multiple treatments they can use monthly or as they please. Not enough people take time to treat themselves so this is the perfect gift to treat someone to. Everyone loves a relaxing spa experience and being pampered.

                Our facials are one of the most popular treatments we offer at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center. What a facial entails is a relaxing, clean environment to get the ultimate pampered spa experience. Our facial begins with cleansing and steaming the skin to open up the pores. The esthetician does a deep exfoliation on the skin and any extractions if necessary. Depending on your skin type, the esthetician will determine what your skin needs whether that is microcurrent, oxygen infusion, or whatever your skin needs. If the skin is on the dryer side, they will focus on nourishing and extra hydration for the skin. If the skin is more mature or signs of aging are present, microcurrent would be used to help with tightening and toning. It is a customizable facial based on skin type and skin needs. At the end, every facial is finished with a relaxing, calming mask.

                As you can tell from the facial process, the entire experience from start to finish is relaxing and does wonders for your skin. There is no better gift this holiday season than a spa day for anyone special in your life. Call us at 347-916-0033 to purchase a gift for that loved one this Christmas!

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