The Perfect Facial for Beginners

        Are you interested in trying a laser-based facial treatment, but not sure where to start? Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers a wide variety of amazing laser treatments that target all types of skin issues. A mild, introduction laser treatment to start would definitely be our halo facial laseMD. It is a great option if you are looking to start out with something to ease your way into the skincare world.

                One of the best things about our halo facial laseMD is it is the perfect in-between of a facial and laser treatments. It is not as intense as the laseMD fractional laser because they have it at a lighter setting. At the same time, it is stronger than a Hollywood laser peel facial. This is what makes it a perfect treatment for beginners looking to bring their skin back to life. Halo facial laseMD is for all skin types from oily or dry. Another great perk is because it is a lighter, gentler laser; there is no downtime so you can continue on with daily life afterward.

                Halo facial laseMD has so many benefits to improve your skin. This treatment is great for any age as it is anti-aging. It firms and improves the elasticity of your skin giving that smoother, brighter glow. This is the perfect facial that gives the skin that extra boost that skincare routines cannot compare to. It improves skin texture by reducing pore size as well. Overall, the halo facial laseMD is a good option for beginners looking to transform their skin.

                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers many different types of facials and works with all skin types. Book an appointment to get our halo facial laseMD today. Let the results speak for themselves!

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