The Best Treatments Before Date-Night!

Here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we know you should always feel and look your absolute best. Before a date night with your partner or even just yourself, you might want to take a few extra steps to help achieve this.

We offer a wide range of different treatments that help bring out the radiant beautiful skin everyone strives to have. The treatments that we are going to focus on would be:

What is a Hollywood Facial?

The Hollywood Laser Peel is a painless beauty treatment that provides instant results without any downtime. The team at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center uses the Spectra™ laser system by Lutronic® Aesthetic to perform the peel. 

Spectra is a gentle laser procedure that rejuvenates your skin and freshens your look without damaging the surface of your skin like other laser treatments.

This treatment is able to:

What is a Halo Facial?

Halo Laser Facial is a gentle light strength LaseMD Fractional Laser. It is optimized for preventing and addressing early signs of aging including:

It has been one of our favorite energy devices as it provides less invasive and affordable treatments with minimal if any downtime that can be preventative as well as restorative. Patients notice improved skin appearance and glowing skin almost immediately, and it is a great introductory laser for patients who do not need more intensive treatments or want to avoid downtime.

If you are interested in learning more about the treatments, we provide here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center call and book a consultation today!

We offer Laser hair removal, Laser Facials, Laser Resurfacing Facial, Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, Microneedling, Microdermabrasian, and more. Call us to book your appointment today.


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