The Advantages of Body Sculpting with Emsculpt

Strength training has a broad range of benefits. But on its own, it might not be enough to get the truly sculpted muscles you want. 

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to amp up your hours at the gym or start a strict diet. Instead, a non-invasive treatment can step in to help you get the sculpted body you want. If you’re ready to get your dream body, it’s time to explore what this FDA-approved muscle toning treatment can do for you. It’s called EMSCULPT®. 

At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center in Brooklyn, we offer EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment to help you reach your ideal level of muscle tone — no extra workouts needed. Are you ready to learn how this treatment works? Let’s take a look.

The primary EMSCULPT benefit: more definition, less work

EMSCULPT is a completely non-invasive treatment. It’s FDA-cleared to improve muscle definition in your:

This treatment works by sending high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) energy safely through your skin into your muscles. This causes your muscles to contract, much like they do when you strength train.

The difference is that the HIFEM energy can cause a much greater level of contraction than strength training alone. That means you get more dramatic results from EMSCULPT, all without having to visit the gym. 

For example, just one EMSCULPT treatment equals more than 20,000 muscle contractions (e.g., situps or crunches). You can see before and after pictures that showcase the results you can expect in our gallery

This treatment is ideal for people who are already close to their ideal weight and are looking for more muscle definition. If you’re more concerned about areas of stubborn fat, ask our Heights Aesthetic Laser Center team about body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting®

More EMSCULPT benefits: convenient, comfortable treatment

In addition to delivering more toned muscles with no added time working out, people love EMSCULPT because it’s a convenient, comfortable treatment.

When you choose it, you simply come to our office and get comfortable lying on our exam table. The treatment takes 30 minutes and feels like an intense workout as your muscles contract. 

You don’t need to worry about any downtime, but you should expect muscular soreness like you would with any hard workout. 

To give you the best results, our team usually recommends a series of EMSCULPT treatments. For example, a handful of treatments every two or three days can help you get truly sculpted muscles. 

You’ll see the full results of your EMSCULPT treatments between a couple of weeks and a month later. That definition should continue to improve in the weeks after your sessions. 

If you’re ready to explore the advantages of EMSCULPT with our Heights Aesthetic Laser Center team, don’t hesitate to call our office or schedule your appointment online today. 

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