Sun Spots and Sun Damage

                As summer has officially come to a close and the colder months are approaching, our skin is left with sun damage from being outdoors so much! Whether you can visibly see sun spots or fine lines from UV rays or not, sun damage has definitely affected your skin in some way. We all know the rule and hear it endlessly all summer, “Apply sunscreen!” We hear this so we can protect our skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful. We cannot avoid the sun, but we can keep up with taking care of our skin in the best ways to maintain its health with treatments like LaseMD.

                Soaking up the warm summer sun is a relaxing experience we all love you to enjoy all summer long. Unfortunately, as good as it feels, your skin is screaming at you with all the damage it does each time you tan or do not use sunscreen when being exposed to the sun. When the damage has been done, what do you do now? Some may experience fine lines, sun spots, and some may not see any effects right now. The scary part about sun damage is it may not show up while you are young, but it sneaks up on you later. Luckily, we have LaseMD as a treatment option to help with the damage already done to your skin.

                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers LaseMD which treats a variety of skin types and issues. We always get questions and concerns about treating sun spots and the damage people experience. What is nice about LaseMD is it can treat any area of the body and is not only for the face. If you have sun spots or damage on your face, chest, legs, or any other areas; this treatment can bring you results! It is a laser device that treats any pigmentation, dark spots, acne spots, and discoloration. While also treating sun spots, it smooth’s out fine lines caused by the sun as well! LaseMD is a short treatment ad has no downtime afterward. YOu are left with a smooth, bright glow!

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