Struggling with Textured Skin?

Struggling with Textured Skin

Dealing with problem skin of any kind can be nothing sort of frustrating to have to deal with! Texture can be noticeable, cause your makeup to not lay on your skin as smoothly, and an overall common insecurity many people deal with. Sometimes acne can cause texture on the skin which leaves you trying every product out there that claims to smooth out and fix texture, bumps, and irritation. If you are someone who has tried it all with no success, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has treatments to help get rid of that unwanted texture.

Glow Laser Facial

Chemical Peel

Fractional LaseMD

These are just a couple of the many skin treatments we offer to give your skin a plump, radiant appearance. We also offer microneedling, Rf microneedling, Laser Genesis, and more! Book a free consultation with us by calling 347-916-0033 today to get smooth, beautiful skin. 

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