Struggling With Acne or Dark Spots?

                Are you searching for a solution for that stubborn acne that will not go away? When it comes to skin and appearance, acne can be an insecurity many people struggle with. Sensitive skin is also an issue that many people face. Lucky for you, here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we have multiple treatments that are effective in getting rid of and minimizing any acne or irritation for sensitive skin. One highly recommended treatment we offer that is especially great for acne-prone skin is our laseMD treatment.

                What is laseMD? LaseMD is a treatment we offer that is a non-ablative, fractional laser that will glide over your face. Some may feel a warm, tingling sensation across their skin as well. What this entails is a laser that uses heat on the top layer of your skin, which boosts collagen. Because it is only through to the top layer of your skin, no damage is done. LaseMD is highly recommended for treating acne, acne scarring, dark spots, and uneven skin. This treatment is also great for fine lines and wrinkles too. laseMD results include brightening and smoothing out your skin leaving it feeling and looking more youthful.

                What is so great about laseMD is because it is one of the more noninvasive treatments; recovery time is minimal. As far as aftercare, protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen is what is recommended. There may be slight redness or tenderness for a short amount of time. Lasemd is a treatment that has shown great results for our clients at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center.

                Who is laseMD for? It is for everybody! Anyone can benefit from laseMD, but to the people who struggle with acne, dark spots, acne scarring, or uneven skin; this is definitely a treatment to get. Results from clients have been nothing short of amazing! Come into the Heights Aesthetic Laser Center and try it out for yourself. You can call us or book an appointment online for our laseMD treatment!


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