Save More with Package Deals

                Booking a cosmetic treatment from time to time when you have a free day to treat yourself is a must! Self-care comes in many forms whether that is a facial, body sculpting, laser treatments, laser hair removal, and more. The options of treatments to get are endless so it depends on what you are looking for. What is even better about treating yourself to a spa day is having multiple spa days to look forward to! Getting a package deal versus a single session is definitely the way to go.

More treatments, better results!

No matter what type of cosmetic treatment you are looking to get, being consistent along with multiple treatments delivers the best results. For example, someone may be looking to get a facial to target specific skin issues. Just like having a consistent skincare routine is essential, consistency in treatments gives you the best results. It also maintains the progress achieved from treatments.  

Buy more, save more!

Another plus to buying a package deal of treatments instead of single sessions is you get a much better price per treatment. It is the best option to get your money’s worth.

Packages don’t expire!

What’s so great about packages is they do not have expiration so there is no need to feel pressure to have to finish the treatments in a certain timeframe. You have the flexibility to get your treatments when you want or have the time!

Overall Healthier Skin!

Purchasing packages when it comes to skin treatments like facials or laser treatments is ultimately the best way to go. Your skin is overall healthier from the appearance to beneath the skin. It is a deeper cleanse and has more benefits than a skincare routine can do for you. You can physically see it in your skin as well. Natural radiance will consistently show because you are consistently treating your skin on a deeper level.

                Here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we offer package deals on all our treatments from body sculpting to facials. We personalize a plan and package based on your goals. It is the best deal for your pockets as well as your health! Book a free consultation to get the right treatment for you at the best price.



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