Reveal Fresh Skin with a Chemical Peel

        With the colder months approaching, our skin changes as the weather changes. If you are looking to revitalize your face, a peel is a perfect treatment to reveal the beautiful soft surface. Our skin is exposed to so much daily through environmental factors, makeup, oil build up, products, sweat, and more that cause our skin to react negatively. A chemical peel is the perfect pick me up to bring your skin back to life.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel:

What is a chemical peel?

         A chemical peel is a non-invasive facial treatment that resurfaces the skin by applying a safe chemical solution to the skin. What happens is the chemical peel is like an exfoliator as it breaks down the first layer of dead skin revealing the smooth and clean underneath layer. Your skin then produces a smoother, brighter, and healthier glow. There are different levels of chemical peels depending on what you are treating. For example, a light chemical peel all the way up to a deep chemical peel that is more intense.

Post Chemical Peel:

        The healing process of a chemical peel can take anywhere from one to two weeks depending on the individual. You have to avoid sun and heat to the area while it heals as well. On the first day, you will notice your skin may have redness which is when you can apply moisturizer to help soothe your skin. By day two your skin will start to peel and become dry or flaky. As difficult as it is to resist the urge, let the skin peel and come off on its own without picking it. By day four or five, your skin should be done peeling which is when the remainder of the healing process comes to a close. After the entire process, you are left with baby soft and fresh skin!

        Chemical peels are one of the lengthier skin rejuvenating treatments, but the results that come from them are completely worth it. They are good for anybody looking to refresh their dull looking skin because they treat such a wide range of skin issues. Overall, chemical peels reveal a luminous glow to the skin that was hiding behind dirt, build up, oil, and dead skin. Treat your skin to a deep exfoliation and see how much your skin transforms beautifully. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers chemicals from the best professionals in Brooklyn.

You can call us at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center at 347-916-0033 to book a free consultation today. Let us pamper you to a well-deserved treatment that transforms your skin.

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