Repair Your Sun Damaged Skin!

                You have had too much summertime fun in the sun, but as the winter approaches it shows! Excessive sun exposure over time can cause your skin to react in a number of ways. Sun damage breaks down collagen in your skin which is why people who tan in the sun excessively get wrinkles, fine lines, or that leathery-looking skin over time. The sun speeds up the aging process. Some people develop dark spots, freckles, or yellowing of the skin. UV rays are extremely harmful to the skin so it is so important to protect your skin from the sun. Soaking up the summer sun can be fun, but it catches up with you later!

                One simple step that can help prevent any further sun damage is wearing sunscreen every day whether it’s sunny out or not. You can still get sun damage on cloudy days too! Also, if you have sun damage already and you are looking for something to help treat it, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers LaseMD as an option. LaseMD is a fan favorite because of the no downtime, short treatment time, and of course the amazing results it brings to the skin. LaseMD is a laser that slowly glides across your skin and has a tingly warm sensation. It is a 30-minute treatment with no downtime although you may have slight redness that typically lasts a day. What is great about LaseMD is it treats sun spots, dark spots, fine lines, texture, and more. It is an all-in-one laser treatment that’s safe for all skin types. After the summer comes to an end, LaseMD is the perfect skin treatment to bring your skin back to life! After the treatment, your skin is glowing, bright, and smooth! Repair your sun damaged skin with LaseMD and let the laser transform your skin.

                Height Aesthetic Laser Center offers free consultations so feel free to call us at 347-916-0033 to schedule and appointment today. Our professionals will evaluate your skin to determine what it needs based on your concerns and goals. We treat many people with sun damaged skin so we are here to help repair your skin and have you walking away with beautiful, healthy skin.

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