Picking the Perfect Facial

                Treating your skin to a facial is a must nobody should skip out on when it comes to taking care of their skin. A monthly facial is recommended for everyone in order to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. We are all aware that the younger you are when you take care of your skin, the better you look now and especially in the long run. You can see this in appearance alone the difference between someone who maintained a good skincare routine verses someone who did not. It tends to sneak up on you by showing up later in life as you age. One way to age gracefully, is monthly facials and treatments, but how do you go about knowing which facial or spa to choose that would give the best results?

        1. Choose a good quality, professional spa.

Once you have figured out your skin concerns and what your end goal is in regard to your skin, it is time to start searching around your area for the right spa. Cheaper does not always mean better and that applies especially when it comes to any type of treatment for your body. In the case of treating your body in any kind of way, spending a little extra for top-quality treatment should be a must. As you are searching, looking at the number of reviews as well as how high they are rated is a big selling point. It shows they have a high volume of clients and perform consistently good results. Also, look at their website for other treatments they offer, before and after photos of previous clients, and if they are offering any promotions. Also, call them directly to ask questions about any concerns! Researching is so important so you end up in the right hands and have an amazing spa experience.

        2. Set up a consultation before the facial.

After you have done the proper research and feel like you found a spa that suits your needs, time to book the consultation. Also, make sure you ask if there is a consultation fee or not. When it comes to facials, many people want to immediately just book a facial, but a consultation before the facial is always a better idea. The reason for this is so the esthetician can evaluate your skin in person to determine the correct facial that would deliver you results. You might also be set on a specific facial and during the consultation find out from the professional that a different one would be better for you. Another bonus to consultations, you can ask all the questions you want. Sometimes in person, you can find out about better deals or packages you might like better as well.  

        3. Now the fun part, facial time!

Finally, the best part of the entire experience is laying back and getting pampered. Enjoy some time to yourself to not only relax but bring your skin back to life with a much-needed facial. Facials are not only good for the health of your skin. When you look good, you feel good so as your skin improves, so does your confidence. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center is here to help you feel your most confident and deliver your skincare goals. We offer amazing top-quality treatments by passionate professionals!

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