Need an Extra Push to That Weight Loss Finish Line?

     If you are a person, who is generally healthy and fit, in search of that extra push to lose a bit more extra body fat in those stubborn areas that does not want to go away; we have a solution for you!  Sometimes there are certain areas of your body that is much more difficult to go away. Coolsculpting is a treatment to attack that unwanted fat and help you along your fitness journey.

     How does coolsculpt work? This is a treatment that uses a device on the area your looking to reduce fat. What happens is the esthetician will use a device on your skin that cools and freezes fat cells without harming any surrounding cells or tissue. The treatment time and number of sessions will depend on the personal plan your esthetician will help create for you. Afterward, some people may feel slight discomfort or temporary swelling, but you can precede daily life as normal. Following the coolsculpt treatment, the now frozen fat cells will start to diminish. Common areas people receive coolscultping include the abdomen, thighs, flanks, under the chin, back fat, and more. Coolsculpt is not a weight loss alternative to working out, but if you need to kick start your weight loss journey; this might be a good way to start as well. Results will begin to show 1-3 months after coolsculpt treatments. Results vary based on the individual, but our goal is to have you walking away feeling more confident than when you walked in.  

     Coolsculpt is one of Heights Aesthetic Laser Centers most popular treatments we provide. Coolsculpt is a nonsurgical treatment that kills fat cells and helps get you down to that body weight goal. Why go under the knife when coolsculpt is a noninvasive treatment to help with shedding those inches? Add this to your fitness journey and see the fat loss progress begin to show up quicker and easier! Book an appointment with us to find out more.

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