Myths About Laser Treatments

        For beginners trying to learn all about the different treatments for improving their skin, lasers may sound intense at first glance. It can be overwhelming with the endless types of facials, lasers, devices, products, and constant new trends and products to get perfect skin. Lasers treatments may sound intense, but they most certainly are not. In fact, laser treatments have so many benefits and incredible results from people who have received them. If you are looking to give your skin some extra attention, laser treatments are a highly recommended option to consider!

        Anyone can easily go onto Google to research treatments to get healthy, glowing skin. Doing your thorough research is always great, but there can be a downfall to that. Not everything you read online is always accurate which leads to many myths. To people unfamiliar with laser treatments, they may come across some on the internet.

        One of the top myths about laser treatments is that it is extremely painful which is not true. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers multiple laser skin treatments that are not painful. For example, the laseMD treatment we offer is a laser that glides across your skin. The most uncomfortable part people tend to feel is the warm sensation on their skin immediately after the treatment. It lasts a few minutes and some redness may occur. As far as pain, it is extremely low, and the device used has settings the esthetician uses at your pain level and comfortability.  Our skin resurfacing laser treatments we offer has minimal discomfort and in return transforms your skin. The lasers resurface your skin and increase the production of collagen. People who receive these treatments absolutely love the glowing results.

        Another myth that needs to be debunked about laser treatments is the idea of them having harmful side effects. Of course, you should always consult with a professional to analyze your skin to see what type of treatment would be best, but the side effects are minimal. The side effects include a warm sensation on the skin after treatment, redness, or slight peeling. It depends on your skin if you will have this reaction to the treatment or not, but all of these go away within a few hours. The results from the laser treatment tend to show up not long after. Your skin texture improves, dark spots fade, acne or acne scarring fades, and your skin has a more youthful appearance over time. Those are the effects we love to see from laser treatments

        Lastly, people question are laser treatments really worth the money. The answer is of course yes they are! You can use all the top-quality products in the world, but the aging process will still happen. Why not take extra measures to receive treatments that get deeper in the skin than a skincare routine can? They have better-lasting results and can add so much more to your skincare regimen. Let the laser treatments work their magic! You can book a consultation with us today to learn about all of our laser treatments as well as see which one is right for you!




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