Myths About Injections

        Getting injections of any kind such as Botox or Filler can be scary for a first timer, but it is a simple quick procedure! Doing anything for the first time can be scary not knowing what to expect, especially if you are doing some kind of altering to your appearance. Luckily, injections have been around for a long time and become extremely popular. You can get injections subtlety to enhance your features or get something more dramatic. Professionals are here to help make you feel your most confident. There are many myths about injections that can make people interested but hesitant, but that is exactly what they are… myths!

        The most common myth about injections out there everyone has heard at least once is that you will look like a completely different person. Oftentimes, people get this idea from social media outlets and through celebrities in the media who have had drastic changes to their appearance. They assume all injections are like the crazy stories and people we see which put this stigma on injections. You can get fillers or Botox and still look like yourself! There are different types of filler so a professional will help you get the right product for your desired goals. You can achieve a naturally enhanced look with injections to boost what already beautiful features you have.  

        Another myth people think is injections hurt which is false! If fear of pain is making you hesitant on wanting to get injections, consider a couple of factors. For starters, pain tolerance is dependent on the person so what hurts one might be easy for the next. Also, numbing cream can be applied if you are someone who has a low pain tolerance so you will feel nothing! As scary as it sounds because the procedure does involve a needle, the needle is very tiny and most people who do get injections report no pain during or pain afterward. The procedure is super quick and not scary or painful as it may seem to a first timer.

        If you have had anyone tell you injections will stretch out your skin or make it sag, run in the opposite direction! If done by a professional correctly, the filler will not stretch or make your skin sag. Over time, the filler will naturally break down if you choose not to get injections anymore. The instance where filler causes the skin to stretch is getting overfilled with way too much filler. At our med spa, we have the best professionals who have been doing these types of cosmetic procedures for many years so that is not ever an issue. They assess your face, listen to your goals, and come up with a plan that will deliver you beautiful results!

        It is important to consider in the media the most negative stories are being shown to us. Negative stories and titles get more clicks than positive ones so that is why it is so important to do your proper research for any procedure. What you see in the media is not always accurate. Go to a professional med spa like Heights Aesthetic Laser Center to get all the information and options on injections. It is also important to go to a place your feel comfortable and safe. Plus, cheaper does not always mean better especially when it comes to your appearance. We offer multiple treatments such as Botox, Filler, and Mesotherapy.

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