Myths About Facials

        Facials are not only relaxing but extremely beneficial for the face! It is important to take care of your skin to preserve its youthfulness as well as maintain your skin's overall health. We often get tied up in daily life we forget about taking a break to have self-care. Facials are definitely a form of self-care anyone can enjoy and benefit from. Although facials have endless benefits, there are myths out there that need to be debunked!

        For starters, if someone has skin issues to begin with whether that is acne, dryness, acne scars, or any type of skin damage; it takes time to reach your desired skin goals. Sometimes people expect one facial to be the answer to all their skin concerns, but that is certainly not true. Depending on the specific treatment you get, you will see a difference within a day whereas some treatments it takes months to see the full effect. The more consistent treatments, the better results you will see! Be patient with your skin when it comes to correcting issues because many times there is no one time facial that cures everything!

Another myth about facials that is extremely common is you can do your own extractions! This is a common misconception that we have all believed at one point. It may seem as though it is not a big deal, but there are many factors that go into extractions. For example, many people pop pimples or blackheads without washing their hands first. What happens is bacteria and dirt from your hands are being transferred to the now open extractions. Another factor is many people do not know how to properly do extractions. When they do them incorrectly, it results in leaving leftover marks or scars. Getting a deep cleanse facial where a professional esthetician can do the extractions for you is the best option!

       Lastly, people think they can save extra money by doing alternative methods or facials at home thinking they will get the same result as a spa facial. This idea is completely false! If you are going to splurge and treat yourself, paying extra for skin care is definitely the best option. Spas have professional devices and products that give a deeper cleanse beneath the skin that DIY masks cannot compare to.

        The best solution is to come to get treated by the best estheticians here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center. We offer a wide range of facials for all skin types and concerns. Along with the variety of facials, we have great prices for single facials and package deals. If you purchase a package, they never expire so you are able to use them as you please. Book a free consultation today to figure out which facial is right for you to get radiant, beautiful skin!

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