Med Spas vs Day Spas

                Anytime you can take out of your busy schedule to treat yourself to a spa day of any sort is a luxury that everyone deserves! We all deserve a break from life to treat ourselves whether that is a massage, facial, or any form of pampering. There are different types of spas that provide different types of services. For example, a medical spa and a day spa may have a similar ambiance, but they are different in a number of ways.

                A day spa is known to provide more surface-level beauty treatments and overall relaxation to the client. They provide services like body or foot massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, scrubs, waxing, and more superficial exterior treatments. Day spas are meant to relax you as well as boost your confidence by providing cosmetic style services to improve your appearance. It is a two-in-one deal that everyone can universally enjoy.

                A med spa also provides relaxation to the client, but the services they offer are different. For example, many med spas offer treatments like laser hair removal, Botox, filler, microneedling, skin tightening, microdermabrasion, acne treatment, body sculpting, and more. While med spas are relaxing, they offer a stronger level of cosmetic procedures that treat medical issues, skin problems, fat reduction, and issues that require a more abrasive treatment. What is nice about med spas are they target more difficult body related issues that day spas do not treat. You can come to get treated and get amazing results in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

                When it comes to picking which type of spa you want to go to, it all depends on what you are looking for. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers is a med spa that offers a variety of treatments that can benefit anyone and everyone. For example, we provide laser treatments, microneedling, coolsculpting, emsculpt, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, facials, and more. We aim to be able to offer services that anyone can choose and benefit from. Med spas are really about helping individuals feel their most confident and secure in themselves. If you are thinking of treating yourself, you most certainly should set up a day to relax and get pampered.

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