Lulichka Skin Care

                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center is a popular, well-loved spa because of the wide range of cosmetic treatments we offer to our clients. We offer everything from body contouring, facials, laser hair removal, all the way to tattoo removal. Our main priority is to deliver people results and have our clients leaving happy and more confident than when they came in! We pride ourselves on providing great service in a comforting and clean environment. Another perk to our spa is that we sell skin care as well. From our very own professional esthetician here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, an entire skincare line was created! Lulichka is a professional, top-quality line of products sold at our spa as well as online.

                Lulichka is a skincare line created by our esthetician here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center! What makes Lulichka stand out from other skincare lines is the fact that it was created by an esthetician who understands and works with all different skin types on a daily basis. When something is created by the person who does the work daily; thought, knowledge, and care are put into each and every product. Lulichka has facial cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, serums, vitamin C cream, and vitamin C facial spray. In each skincare category, there are different types of products made for different skin types. For example, Lulichka has two different cleansers that target two different skin types. Some people have oily, dry, and combo skin so not every product works the same for everyone which is exactly why Lulichka offers a variety of products for everyone of every age. It is packed with so many amazing ingredients for the skin like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalane, vitamin E, peptides, and more. 

                It is so important to invest in good skin care products to help keep your skin plump, healthy, and bright. Do not skip out on good skin care because your skin will suffer the consequences and it shows! You can check out Lulichka in our office if you need to change up your skincare or want to try a new product! It is also sold on as well so feel free to check out all the amazing products the line offers. Plus, supporting local, small brands is always a bonus!

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