Looking to get Rid of Acne or Acne Scars?

                One of the most common skin issues people have to deal with is dreaded acne. For people that suffer from acne, it can be a confidence killer and all around frustrating to deal with! Some try every product that claims the help get rid of acne on the market with no luck. It is an endless battle to fight new and old breaks trying to get rid of acne. Professionals at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center can evaluate your skin and help you on your journey to achieve smooth, acne free skin.

                When treating acne, it is best to see a professional evaluate exactly how mild or severe and what type of acne someone has. From there, they can recommend the best treatment for the individual as well as a plan for how many sessions would be best for you. Attacking acne with top quality treatments, methods, and professional products is something acne cleansers cannot compare to. The transformation your skin will have is amazing. 

                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers a variety of treatments that help with acne and acne scarring. For example, LaseMD is a popular laser facial that helps reduce acne and acne scarring in one. This is a popular favorite because it has multiple benefits while being a short treatment with no downtime. Other great treatments that help transform your skin to a clear, smooth appearance are our PowerClear acne peel, RF microneedling, and acne facials. We have a variety because there are different types of acne and the severity of acne differs for everyone.

                You no longer have to settle with acne that feels like it is going to last forever! Acne is a skin condition and not a skin type. If you are someone who struggles with this skin problem, let us help you reach your skin goals. Everyone wants to feel confident in the skin they are in which is why we are here. You can start by calling us at 347-916-0033 to book a free consultation to get you started.

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