Laser Genesis

                If you are looking for a laser treatment that is painless, Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has the perfect treatment for you. We have an amazing treatment called Laser Genesis that treats a number of skin issues. Laser genesis completely transforms the skin into a smooth, radiant glow.

                What exactly does the process of Laser Genesis look like? One of the best things about Laser Genesis is it is a non-ablative, meaning no there is no pain involved when being treated. The most you will feel is a warm or tingling sensation on your face. A laser device will move back and forth across your skin. It then stimulates the production of collagen in your face which tightens and plumps up the skin. The entire treatment lasts a total of 30 minutes as well.

                The biggest perk of Laser Genesis treatment is the combination of it being painless and how many types of skin issues it targets at the same time. Laser genesis is great if you have rosacea, fine lines, cystic acne, sun damage, evening out skin tone, smoothing textured skin, reduce pores, and more. You can achieve that skin transformation with Laser Genesis, which gets to the deeper layers of skin that those skincare products cannot reach. The number of treatments you need will be recommended by our professionals here depending on your current skin and skin goals. Laser Genesis requires no downtime so you can go on about your day post-treatment. This is one of the more low-maintenance treatments, but has endless skin benefits for your skin!

                Book your free consultation today to see what Laser Genesis is all about. Our estheticians will treat you to our transformative Laser Genesis treatment. Give your skin the love and attention it deserves!

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