LaseMD for the Face and Body

                Here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, LaseMD is one of the most popular treatments people choose from. Of course, all of our treatments are amazing, but LaseMD is definitely a fan favorite for a number of reasons. If you are someone who is looking to get some type of laser treatment for your skin, LaseMD is one to highly consider!

                LaseMD is a laser treatment that has multiple benefits with minimal downtime. It does not get much better than that when it comes to treatments. A laser device will glide across your skin that has a tingling sensation. Another bonus about LaseMD is that is a laser treatment that is not painful. Most people report little discomfort or none. Afterward, your skin may experience some redness and feel like a sunburn. Typically, these side effects go away within a few hours and by the next day, you can already tell a difference in your skin. You notice a smoother texture, a bright glow, and spots will start to fade over time. More treatments and consistency will give you the best results! People love this laser treatment because of all the benefits it offers your skin while being low maintenance. The total time for the treatment itself last around 30 minutes. You have to stay out of the sun post-treatment as well.

                The wide range of benefits LaseMD offers is what makes this treatment so special. It can transform skin for all types of people and not just one skin type. LaseMD is most commonly used on the face, but it can also be used on the body as well! LaseMD treats uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, and acne scarring. For example, if you have sun damage on your body due to tanning LaseMD is a great option to help treat that.

                Book a free consultation with us today to see if LaseMD is right for you! Treat your face or body to a treatment to transform your skin. Nothing beats the feeling of smooth, tight, and glowing skin from head to toe!

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