How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal gives you a highly effective way to get rid of unwanted hair... for good. But it’s also a technologically advanced treatment that requires you to do certain things to be able to see ideal outcomes, like minimizing your sun exposure. 

Here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center in Brooklyn, our team works to ensure you get the best possible results from your laser hair removal. That’s why, in addition to offering you access to our highly trained staff using leading-edge technology, we also want to educate you on how to care for your skin after your appointment. 

Here are five things you should do after laser hair removal: 

Avoid the sun

We know that skipping the sun leading up to your appointment might have left you feeling paler than you like, but the days right after your laser hair removal appointment are certainly not the time to expose your skin to the sun’s harsh UV rays. 

We recommend keeping your laser-treated skin out of the sun — or at least protected with sunscreen — for at least a month after your appointment. If you have future laser hair removal sessions scheduled, plan to forgo sun tanning until after all your appointments are over. 

Soothe your skin

Right after your appointment, it’s normal for your skin to look red and feel irritated. You can alleviate any discomfort by applying a cold compress to the skin. Make sure you wrap it in a towel first, though. Applying ice directly to your skin could aggravate any irritation.

You can also apply aloe or a fragrance-free, gentle moisturizer to the area. 

Shave safely

Laser hair removal treats hair follicles that are in an active growth phase, but it can’t do anything for dormant follicles. That’s why you need repeat treatments; follicles that were dormant at your last appointment may be growing hair now, allowing us to target them with the laser.

All that said, you may experience some hair regrowth between appointments. It’s perfectly safe to shave that hair, just make sure you wait until your skin is no longer red from your last treatment. 

Skip exfoliants, fragrances, makeup, and deodorant for a bit

Your skin in the treated area will be sensitive right after your appointment. To avoid further irritation, don’t expose it to anything unnecessary. For a few days, steer clear of body scrubs, cleansers, and moisturizers with fragrance, makeup, and deodorant (if you had your underarms treated). 

Keep your cool

For a couple of days after treatment, protect your skin from excess heat. Keep your showers lukewarm, and avoid hot yoga classes, jacuzzis, or sauna sessions. If you do exercise in the first 48 hours, keep it light to avoid heating your skin and exposing it to excess sweat. 

Your laser hair removal team should do more than just apply the laser. For guidance on what to expect, proper aftercare instructions, and more, call our office, or make your laser hair removal appointment online today. 

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