How Botox Can Be Used For Migraine Headache Treatment

What Is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin created by bacteria known as clostridium botulinum. This would make Botox poisonous if ingested, but when used properly it is completely safe. Botox is normally used to:

Does Botox Work For Migraines?

There have been multiple studies done on the effects of Botox when it comes to migraine headaches. Most studies have found that adults who experience chronic migraines and also got the Botox shots, had migraines less often and when they did, the days were cut in half. Many experience more pain-free days and fewer days taken off of work.

It is believed that that Botox works for migraine headaches because it blocks the neurotransmitters that transfer the pain signals from your brain. The Botox blocks the chemicals before they are able to reach the nerve endings in your head and neck.

This is an FDA-approved method to treat migraine headaches for those 18 or over. It is only approved for “chronic migraines” which means you would have to experience them for 15 days or more, a month. The director of The Headache Center of Southern California stated that the patients who experienced more frequent headaches responded better to the Botox injections.

What Should I Expect During a Botox Treatment?

If you are to be treated with Botox, you should expect several shots around your head and neck, once every dozen weeks or so to prevent future migraine headaches.  You may need up to 30 or 40 shots in total; you will need an equal amount on both sides of your head, but if you get the migraines in a specific spot on your head, you may need more there. The needle used for the Botox injections is very small and feels like a slight pinprick.

This type of Botox procedure should only be performed by a doctor who is trained to give these specific types of shots for chronic migraine headaches, rather than just for cosmetic use. If your treatment plan is followed and it is all done correctly, you may begin to experience relief 2 to 3 weeks after your first treatment was performed and should last about 2 and a half months before the next round needs to be administered.

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