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Holiday Facials are a Must

                It is the holiday season which is the best time of the year filled with family, love, and of course lots of yummy food! One of the best parts about all the holidays towards the end of the year is the sweet treats, desserts, food, and more. With eating extra sweets and food around this time, our skin can start to react! If you are noticing you are starting to have breakouts around this time, it may be due to your diet and the increase of sugary foods that ends up showing up on your skin. This calls for a holiday facial to give the skin a much-needed deep cleanse from within.

                Height Aesthetic Laser Center is the perfect spa to come relax, get pampered, and give your skin extra love! An increase in sugary foods, greasy foods, and even dairy products can cause breakouts.  With the holidays here, family functions and get together are always happening so that means lots of eating! As delicious as the food is, it shows on your skin. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a facial. We offer deep-cleansing acne facials, hydrating facials, and personalized facials depending on your skin type. The esthetician will evaluate, cleanse, exfoliate, steam, and do all necessary extractions. Each facial is dependent on your skin type and what it needs. This is the perfect time for a facial to get your skin back on track after the holiday festivities. Let us treat you this holiday season. A facial is also a great gift to give during the holidays as well for a loved one.

                Book a free consultation with us today by calling 347-916-0033 to get a facial or any other services we provide!

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