Get Rid of Those Unwanted Dark Spots Today!

What is Unwanted Skin Pigment?

More melanin means darker skin. If the melanin is spread evenly, it changes your skin tone. People with darker skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin. But sometimes, your skin doesn’t evenly distribute the melanin it produces. Instead, it can create excess melanin in one specific area, causing that area to appear darker than the rest of your skin. Freckles, sunspots, and melasma serve as examples of this. You might also notice a darker area develop after the skin has been inflamed or injured, for example, after a breakout. This increase in melanin in a localized area is called hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, you have a way to reduce pigment where it’s unwanted. 

How Can We Help?

Here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we use two different Lutronic Aesthetic machines to help you achieve reduced skin pigmentation. The first is:

What is Spectra?

Spectra- The Heights Aesthetic Laser Center team uses the Spectra device to minimize the appearance of:

What is LaseMD?

The second option we have that helps reduce the appearance of unwanted skin pigment is:

LaseMD- LaseMD is an advanced aesthetic laser treatment from Lutronic® Aesthetic. The innovative laser allows the experienced providers at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center to offer skin resurfacing treatments for all patients, no matter their skin type, need, or age.

LaseMD is a versatile laser system equipped with a number of settings so the team can adjust treatments to meet any beauty goal or need.

With LaseMD, the team can treat many skin concerns. You should contact the practice to learn more about LaseMD if you’re searching for an effective, non-surgical treatment for your:

If you are interested in learning about how you can reduce your unwanted skin pigmentation, call and book a consult with a Heights Aesthetic Laser Center provider today!


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