Get Ready for Summer with Noninvasive Emsculpt Body Contouring

The summer months can sneak up on you. Suddenly it’s time to stop covering up your body with sweaters and pants and slip into a bathing suit, sleeveless tops, and shorts. It can also be when you notice that you’ve lost your muscle tone or missed the opportunity to firm up those problem areas you meant to work on.

At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we’re a team of aesthetic experts who specialize in body sculpting, helping patients like you achieve successful outcomes every day. We offer Emsculpt body contouring, a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment that requires minimal effort from you while giving you very successful results.

Not only does Emsculpt work, but it’s been clinically tested for safety through independent studies in the United States. You can feel confident about using the FDA-approved Emsculpt device to increase your muscle mass and reduce fat. 

How Emsculpt works

Emsculpt puts out direct, high-intensity focused, electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology that goes through your skin and into your muscle fibers. It forces your muscles to contract ambitiously, working your targeted areas beyond what an intense workout could do

Our treatment works your muscles intensely and reshapes your tissues by tearing down your muscle fibers, repairing them, and rebuilding them. It also flushes out your destroyed fat cells naturally.

The Emsculpt procedure

When you visit our Brooklyn, New York, practice, we first consult with you about your treatment and explain the procedure so you’ll know what to expect. We make sure you feel comfortable and completely relaxed. 

We ask you to lie down for the procedure. Our team then places the Emsculpt tool on your targeted areas, such as your stomach, legs, and buttocks. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and leaves your body feeling like it had an intense workout.

We recommend that you have an average of four treatments within two weeks to achieve your desired outcome.

The Emsculpt results

Emsculpt helps you tone your muscles, but it also helps you lose fat. Results prove to show an average muscle mass increase of 16% and a 19% reduction in fat. No other non-invasive technology on the market today can make the same claims. 

With Emsculpt, the good news is that your destroyed fat cells won’t come back, but you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise to keep your results.

However, Your new muscle mass may need a touch-up treatment in about six months to maintain your appearance.

If you’re ready to get your body in shape for the summer, you can start your treatments. Emsculpt can give your body the boosts it needs to give you the look you want.

To contact us, give us a call at 347-305-1653 or request an appointment online.

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Juliya Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Technician

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