Get a Toned Body with Emscuplt

                A body sculpting treatment where you can burn fat and tone muscle by simply laying down! What more can you ask for? Technology and new methods of enhancing your body have come so far in today’s world. Treatments like Emsculpt is an amazing newer way of helping you maintain that summer body all year round. The machine does all the work while you lay back and relax during each session. At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, it is our goal to help reach your desired body goals.

                Emsculpt is a body contouring treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen and tone your muscles. It does this by targeting muscles and contracting them to build and tone up the muscle. There are so many perks to this amazing treatment! It is the perfect way to treat yourself and reap the benefits that Emscuplt does for your body. Typically, it is done on the butt or stomach area. It is a painless treatment with no downtime. You can simply pop in on your lunch break or a free day on the weekend, get a 30-minute session in, and go on about your day! That is how simple and easy it is for the client. At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center we aim to give people great results and enhance the beauty from within! What better way to improve your body with Emscuplt than to sculpt that summer body?

Emsculpt is also amazing for fitness people who work out regularly! When you pair Emsculpt treatments with working out you get optimal results. Not only does it help gain and tone muscle more, but also helps with your gym life. As the treatments are increasing your muscle, the easier your workouts become! People have reported seeing a significant difference in gym performance and muscle definition when they incorporate Emsculpt.

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