Fountain Of Youth

        Are you having trouble maintaining your skin care during the wintertime? Here's a small tip on how to keep your smooth skin during this time of the season. Differing temperatures and levels of humidity during various times of the year cause skin to behave differently. You’ve probably noticed your skin is drier in the fall and winter, while hotter months may leave it more prone to breakouts. Because of this, you do need to make changes to your skincare routine as the seasons shift.

        Here's one of the things you can do during the colder months to keep away from your skin dry. One of them is keeping up with a monthly hydrational facial so your skin can obtain that glow. One of the benefits of a hydrational facial not only is it good for dry skin it's also good for a younger and cleaner look to your skin. Height Aesthetic Laser Center offers customized facials to keep moister locked in all winter long, book a free consultation with us by giving us a call at 347-916-0033.

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