Facials During Pregnancy!

                Pregnancy is such a beautiful, life changing experience that is different for every single woman. During pregnancy, women’s bodies are put through so much both good and bad throughout the nine months plus postpartum. While some women get the pregnancy glow when their skin is flourishing, others may experience their skin becoming oily, dryer, or getting acne. Unfortunately, pregnancy hormones can cause a wide variety of reactions to a woman’s body and skin. Whether someone falls on either end of the spectrum of skin reactions, a much deserved facial is something every pregnant woman should be treated to.

                An important factor to be mindful of is that during pregnancy, a woman’s skin is sensitive so it is important to get facials that are safe for the skin. Two commonly known facials many pregnant women get that are safe are a deep cleansing facial as well as a hydrating facial. All the stress the body is put through during pregnancy calls for a break to relax and get pampered. Facials not only provide relaxation but also benefit the skin in many ways. If someone is having difficulties with skin issues during pregnancy, a facial can rejuvenate the skin and bring it back to life. Plus, it is nice to have a relaxing spa day to look forward to.

                At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we offer both hydrating and deep cleansing facials that are safe for pregnant women. We can customize a facial based on your skin concerns to treat you to a relaxing spa day as well as treat your skin at the same time. A facial or facial package is a great gift for pregnant women to be able to use throughout their pregnancy when they need a break to unwind and relax. Another great thing about our packages is they do not expire so they can be used at any time!  You can book an appointment with us today to treat a special someone you know who needs some spa days during this beautiful experience.

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