Don't Cover up Acne Scars, Get Rid of Them!

                Many people suffer from skin problems whether that is rosacea, dryness, dark spots, texture, pores, or just about anything. A major skin issue many people struggle with is dreaded acne. It happens with teenagers and adults. Nobody wants acne, but sometimes we are unfortunately having to deal with it the best way we can. There are many solutions out there to treat and get rid of acne. After we have gotten rid of acne or at least got it under control, we are often times left with some acne scarring. It can be a confidence killer, but Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has got you covered.

                What do you do when you have gotten rid of your acne, but now you are left with acne scars and marks? Don’t think that you have to just settle for leftover scarring post-acne because Heights Aesthetic Laser Center is here to provide that long-awaited glowing, smooth skin you have always wanted. Our laseMD treatment is amazing for removing and reducing acne scars as well as acne. LaseMD is a laser machine where a device glides across your skin. It is a non-ablative treatment that reaches the skin's deeper layer without damaging the top layer of the skin. LaseMD produces collagen and elastin resulting in tight and plump skin. LaseMd resurfaces the skin smoothing out any texture from acne. Also, it gets rid of those leftover acne scars or marks. You don’t have to settle for scarring when laseMD treats the issue from the skin on a deeper level to the surface.

                Overall, laseMD brightens and smooth’s out your skin. It brings that glow to the surface that we all desire. If acne scarring is getting in the way of that, let our estheticians treat you with our laseMD treatments. You don’t need to cover up scars with makeup any longer. Book an appointment with us today to get glowing, smooth skin!  

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