Does Emsculpt Improve Your Fitness Routine?

                Are you burnt out of endless hours in the gym? A big part of feeling good is looking good! If you are looking for that extra bonus to incorporate into your fitness journey, look no further. Our emsculpt treatment is here to improve your body and boost your fitness routine. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center has just what you need to take your body to the next level. Emsculpt is a treatment we offer that is not only popular but proven to be effective as well!

                For starters, what is emsculpt? What does the process of our emsculpt treatment look like? Emsculpting is a treatment that uses a body contouring device to tone your body and burn fat. The way emsculpt works is by using electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles significantly higher and longer than you could do on your own. Throughout the emsculpt treatment, the device contracting your muscles results in burning fat. Not to mention, emsculpt is a non-invasive treatment. It is non-surgical and done above the skin, which is a huge bonus because that means minimal recovery time. Some experience soreness and muscle tension. Stretching is highly recommended post-treatment to help with the soreness. Emsculpt does all the work for you so it is like working out without having to work out!

                For all the fitness people out there looking to add more to their fitness routine, emsculpt is a great option. There are multiple benefits to our emsculpt treatment when it is added with consistently working out. The first benefit is the boost in your metabolism. As the emsculpt treatment is contracting your muscles, the muscle increase leads to higher metabolism. In return, you are able to burn more calories during your working out. It is a chain reaction that helps to boost your workouts even more. Another perk of emsculpt is your workouts become easier because of the boost of energy it gives you. The more consistently you work out, the longer the results will last. Just like going to the gym, emsculpt is a cycle that keeps benefiting your body with minimal effort needed, but faster results.

                Book your appointment with u online or give us a call to see what emsculpt is all about. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center is here to offer you the best emsculpt treatment out there. You will not be disappointed with the results emsculpting can provide!

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