Dealing with Dark Under Eyes

                Dealing with under eye bags is a common issue we can agree we all get from time to time, if not consistently deal with! Life is so busy whether that is work, kids, school, and just about anything that takes up all of our energy. The result of lack of energy or exhaustion can appear under the eyes whether that be dark circles or under eye bags. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that may be helpful in helping to reduce or get rid of that tired look.

Cold Compresses:

                One simple and easy method you can do at home to help if you get that unwanted puffiness or dark circles in the under eye area is cold compresses. Cold compresses restrict blood vessels which then help to reduce dark circles or puffy eyes. You can use anything cold as a compress like ice, a cold towel, cucumber slices, or a refrigerated spoon. This is a simple at home method you can do that doesn’t require much time or effort!


                Heights Aesthetic Laser Center now offers Fillers to the list of treatments we have. If you have issues with under eye bags, Filler may be a good option for you. There are multiple benefits to getting Filler to treat the appearance of dark under the eyes. Also, under the eyes is a common area on the face for people to get Filler. Not only does it give you a plumper and brighter appearance, but it gives immediate results! The Filler also lasts anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.  Another benefit of treating under eyes with Filler is there is minimal downtime post-treatment. You can walk away with bright, yet natural looking under eyes in no time.

Book a free consultation today to learn more about Fillers and how they can naturally transform your under eyes. We also offer Botox as well as Mesotherapy treatment. You can easily set up an appointment by booking online or calling us at 347-916-0033.

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