Caffeine in Skincare?

        Tired, exhausted, and restless from a busy schedule or not enough sleep? Everyone can agree that they all experience this more often than not. That is why most people start their mornings with coffee or tea to wake them up and give them that boost of energy to start the day off right! Caffeine can make you feel more energetic, but it can also make you look more alert as well. Caffeine is also a common ingredient in skincare that helps with that tired looking appearance we all want to avoid!

        Sleepless nights, certain diets, and too much on your plate are all contributing factors to dark under eyes, puffiness, or eye bags. Something that can help improve your appearance if you struggle with any of these is caffeine in skincare products. There are eye creams and gels with caffeine that target these issues to brighten the tired appearance. It also helps to promote circulation as well. You can apply twice a day in the morning and at night daily. An added bonus tip is putting your eye cream in the fridge before applying will also help wake up the face and give a nice bright under eye. Another factor is the miniaturization it provides as well! The under-eye area is fragile so you have to make sure to keep that area moisturized and also be gentle. Paying attention to your skin and using the proper skincare accordingly will transform your skin. Get a bright vibrant look with a good skincare routine and healthy ingredients like caffeine.     


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