Benefits of Spa Days

                Getting top quality spa treatments from a relaxing facial to body sculpting is a luxury everyone deserves to experience from time to time. Everyone’s life gets crazy busy and we forget to prioritize self-care. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers a wide range of treatments to treat everything from skin issues, fat reduction, laser hair removal, and the list goes on! There are many benefits to treating yourself to much needed spa time.

                The first obvious benefit of spa treatment is you get to step away from daily life to unwind mentally and improve your physical appearance at the same time. If you are finding that you are overwhelmed and stressed out recently, consider having a spa day to yourself to relax while a professional caters to you. Not only is the whole spa experience a stress reducer and all about you, but it boosts your confidence! Getting a treatment that helps target insecurities can change your entire attitude leaving the spa from when you walked in. This could be a facial that gives your skin a bright glow, a treatment to reduce fat, laser hair removal, and so much more. It can help change you from the inside out because when you look good, you feel good.

                Along with the mental benefits a spa has, it has so many amazing physical benefits. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers body sculpting treatments like emsculpt and coolsculpt to help you on your weight loss journey. Another great treatment that saves you time and energy is laser hair removal. Say no to shaving, ingrown hair, and razor bumps. Laser hair remover is a popular and fan favorite. Also, we have a wide range of facials depending on your skin type and concerns such as microneedling, RF microneedling, LaseMD, deep cleansing, acne-prone skin, hydration, and more. Nothing beats the feeling after a fresh facial and walking out with rejuvenated, healthy skin! Also, we recently added Botox, Filler, and Mesotherapy to get rid of wrinkles and enhance features! That is the plus about getting treated by us is you can get multiple types of treatments all in one place.

Call us today at 347-487-0033 to book a free consultation today! Come in to see which treatment is right for you. Treat yourself to a spa day to unwind simply because you deserve it.

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