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Benefits of a Peel

        Over time, our skin is put through so much whether that be sun damage, acne, daily makeup, pollution, and so many other things. Sun exposure alone is a major cause of skin damage as it can kill your skin cells. Sometimes that buildup of dirt, damage, acne, or other skin problems needs more than a daily skincare routine to really deep clean. This is where it would be recommended to add a facial peel into your skincare routine. At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we offer a wide range of peels that are specific for different skin types and what you are looking for. Based on your concerns, the esthetician will give you a peel that is just right for you.

        What is a peel? For starters, we have a chemical peel or more gentle types of peels. It depends on what your skin needs and the esthetician will happily help you with which one will work best. The purpose of a peel is to resurface your skin by removing that top layer of damaged or dead skin. What removing that top layer does is reveal smooth, clean, and more youthful skin. This is something that face wash simply cannot do. We offer different types of peels that are good for acne reduction, more even skin tone, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Overall, it brings that natural glow and youthfulness to the surface.

        What should you expect when you get a peel?  Your esthetician will apply a peel solution to your skin. People say it feels like a warm tingly feeling.  If you choose a more gentle peel like our Hollywood peel, it is pretty similar to a facial. The perk of these types of more gentle peels is they do not require any downtime. On the other hand, a chemical peel is harsher so the recovery time looks different. The medium depth peel usually has your face peeling for a week whereas the deep peel will have your face peeling for ten plus days. A peel is a treatment that you want to set in your schedule where you have some down time available for the skin to peel and start to naturally shed away.

        Of course, the best part of a peel is the results!  People see results after just one treatment. Peels rejuvenate and smooth the surface of the skin. You will have a bright and youthful glow that will definitely be noticeable. Come book your appointment with us today to bring your skin back to life.

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