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Banish That Birthmark for Good with Spectra™

Banish That Birthmark for Good with Spectra™

As technology advances, things change. What was once considered permanent — say, a birthmark or tattoo — can now be eradicated thanks to the latest laser treatments. That means that if you were born with a skin abnormality, you’re no longer stuck with it. 

Using the leading-edge Sculptra™ laser and our specialization in pigmentation reduction, our Heights Aesthetic Laser Center team can treat your birthmark from the comfort of our Brooklyn office. If you’re ready to get rid of the birthmark that’s bothering you, talk to us about this innovative treatment. 

Getting rid of your birthmark

You have options for getting rid of a birthmark, but surgery requires a recovery period, and medication often comes with side effects. 

For meaningful results with minimal side effects, our team offers laser treatment. This allows us to target and destroy the pigment that makes up your birthmark. In this way, we can make the birthmark less and less visible, in most cases completely eliminating it. 

By directing a targeted wavelength of laser energy into your birthmark, we can encourage the pigment to absorb the energy. This causes the pigment to shatter. Over the coming weeks, your body absorbs and processes out the now-destroyed pigment, lightening your birthmark and making it less noticeable. 

If you’re worried that your birthmark may be too big or too distinct to be a candidate for laser treatment, rest easy. We also use the Spectra laser to get rid of unwanted tattoos. It’s a powerful tool that gives us a highly effective treatment for dark and large areas of pigmentation.

What to expect with Spectra 

Spectra laser treatment is a noninvasive, no-downtime birthmark removal option. You don’t need to worry about taking any recovery time afterward. Similarly, you shouldn’t stress about discomfort during treatment. Most people liken the sensation to a rubber band snapping against their skin, and we can explore options to help you stay comfortable and relaxed as we work on your birthmark. 

Before we get started, we tailor your treatment plan to you. Lighter, smaller birthmarks may only require one Spectra treatment to go away, while larger or darker ones generally require repeated sessions, so we can achieve your desired result. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until the final session to see results, though. In the weeks that follow each appointment, your birthmark gets lighter and less visible. 

Ultimately, when you choose Spectra birthmark removal, you should expect a convenient, leading-edge treatment that can finally help you banish that birthmark for good. To get an idea of the kind of pigmentation reduction you can anticipate, you can check out our before and after gallery.

If you’re ready to get started with Spectra treatment, call our office, or make your appointment online today. 


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