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Avoid Surgery with a Thread-lifting, Nonsurgical Facelift

Historically, people have turned to facelifts to get tighter, more lifted skin after the years take their toll. But a facelift is an invasive surgical procedure that comes with weeks of downtime. Fortunately, it isn’t your only option for lifting and tightening your skin. 

With thread lifting at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center in Brooklyn, you can get younger-looking skin with a minimally invasive treatment and minimal downtime. Plus, thread lifting delivers immediate results that last longer than most cosmetic injectables.

Are you curious about this option for lifted, tighter skin? Here’s your guide to a thread-lifting, nonsurgical facelift.

How thread lifting works

If you want tighter skin, talk to our team at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center. We can recommend thread lifting for specific skin laxity issues. Generally, this treatment can work to lift and tighten skin anywhere on your face, jowls, or neck. 

Thread lifting works because we place a synthetic thread in the area where you’re experiencing skin laxity. We use local anesthetic and a special cannula to place the thread under your skin so that you’re completely comfortable during treatment.

Once in place, the thread lifts and anchors your skin. You’ll see immediate results from your thread-lifting treatment. 

These synthetic threads are made from the same material as surgical sutures. Over the coming months, your skin safely absorbs the thread material. That doesn’t mean your results fade, though. 

The process of placing the thread under the surface of your skin triggers your body’s healing mechanisms. In the weeks and months after thread lifting, your body goes to work building a new network of collagen, the protein that keeps your skin tight. As your skin absorbs the thread, it’s replaced by this new support system, giving you results that can last as long as a few years. 

What to expect after thread lifting

Thread lifting isn’t just popular because of its effectiveness. Many people also choose it because it comes with next-to-no downtime.

Because thread lifting is minimally invasive, you don’t need to worry about taking any time off work after treatment. In fact, you can even safely drive yourself home from your thread lifting appointment. 

You might experience some bruising or swelling in the treated area, but that should fade in a day or two. Ultimately, most people don’t have to adjust their schedule at all after thread lifting. 

If you’ve considered a facelift, talk to our team at Heights Laser Aesthetic Center about thread lifting first. With the minimally invasive, minimal downtime treatment, we can give you more lifted skin without the hassle of a surgical procedure. To schedule a consultation, call our office, or make your appointment online today. 


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