3 Ways Radiofrequency Elevates Our Microneedling Treatments

If you’ve spent any time doing research about ways to get smoother, more radiant, younger-looking, or less scarred skin, you’ve probably read about microneedling. This skin-transforming treatment taps into your body’s natural healing abilities to give you your best skin.

But here at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center in Brooklyn, our team thought: Why stop there? By pairing our microneedling treatment with radiofrequency, we can give you even more dramatic results in fewer sessions — and we can do all of that without a lengthier recovery period. Here are three ways adding radiofrequency energy takes our microneedling treatment to the next level. 

#1: A two-in-one treatment

Microneedling works by creating tiny pinpricks on the surface of your skin. Your skin reads these as injuries and kickstarts its healing and rejuvenating processes. In doing so, it creates newer, healthier, more radiant skin supported by a refreshed network of collagen, the protein that keeps your skin tight and supple. 

On its own, radiofrequency works similarly, sending energy into the deeper layers of your skin. There, the energy heats your skin, triggering the production of a new collagen network, leaving you with tighter skin. 

By pairing these two treatments together so they work in tandem, we can give you tighter, smoother, more beautiful skin. 

#2: More dramatic results — without more downtime

Although microneedling and radiofrequency treatments are both effective on their own, together they help to trigger even greater transformation in your skin. But you might be worried about a catch. With most cosmetic treatments, the more dramatic the results, the longer the recovery period.

That isn’t the case with our radiofrequency microneedling treatments. Because each part of the treatment works at a different layer of your skin — the microneedling on your skin’s surface and the radiofrequency energy in the deeper layers of your skin — you don’t have to worry about more downtime than you would with each treatment individually. In fact, most people get back to their usual activities as soon as the day after their appointment. 

#3: Fewer sessions

Generally, aesthetic professionals recommend between three and six microneedling sessions, especially if you want to see a major skin transformation like the reduction of acne scars. But six separate appointments on your calendar might feel like too much.

Fortunately, with radiofrequency microneedling, patients often see results with just two to four sessions. Even a couple of visits can be enough to stimulate the collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation you want to see. It usually takes between three to six months for your skin to finish all of the remodeling processes radiofrequency microneedling kickstarts, meaning your skin will likely continue to improve in the months following your sessions with us.

If you have any questions about radiofrequency microneedling or you’re ready to schedule your appointment, don’t hesitate to call our office, or make your appointment online today. 


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