What to Do About Sun and Age Spots

If you weren’t as sun-safe as you could have been in your youth, you might be paying for it today in the form of age spots. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the appearance of existing age spots and prevent future ones.

Jan 1st, 2022
How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

You threw away the razor and opted for laser hair removal. What now? Proper aftercare can make all the difference in your comfort after laser hair removal. To help you properly care for your skin after your appointment, we rounded up some to-dos.

Dec 1st, 2021
Why Botox® and Fillers Are Better Together

If you want a way to address the various ways your face will change through the years, you can turn to a combination of Botox® and dermal fillers. Here’s why you need both… together.

Oct 4th, 2021
Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

If you want to say goodbye to a tattoo you no longer like, you’re probably curious about the removal process. Here’s a realistic look at what you can expect, including the kind of discomfort that comes with the process.

Sep 1st, 2021
Golden Serum: Truly Magic

Golden Serum, also known as PRP, is a skin treatment that utilizes your body’s own growth factors to correct skin imperfections including fine lines and wrinkles.

Jul 31st, 2021
Which microneedling treatment is right for you?

A frequently asked question at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center is if the client is a good candidate for radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. Here's how to choose your procedure for the best possible result.

Jul 12th, 2021
An Introduction to Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling

RF microneedling is an innovative aesthetic procedure that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy with microneedling. To learn more about RF microneedling, call the New York City office at (347)-305-1653 or book an appointment online.

Jul 10th, 2021
Myths and Facts About Peels

All too many people have misconceptions about peels and what they can do for your skin. To help you understand the truth, it’s time to dispel these common peel myths. Read on to learn more.

Jul 9th, 2021
Bothered by Early Signs of Aging? Consider a Laser Facial

Even in your 20s and 30s, time starts to take its toll on your face. As the years pass, those changes only worsen. Fortunately, with a laser facial, you have an excellent way to address — and reverse — the early signs of aging.

Mar 15th, 2021
What Causes Skin Tags?

Even though skin tags are benign, you certainly don’t want to live with them forever. If you’re curious about what causes them — and how to get rid of them — you can find out here.

Feb 17th, 2021
Botox for Crow's Feet: What You Need to Know

As you get older, you may notice wrinkles where you haven’t seen them before. If you have those pesky wrinkles around your eyes, Botox® can help. Here’s your guide to this highly effective treatment for crow’s feet.

Dec 21st, 2020
The Advantages of Body Sculpting with Emsculpt

Muscle tone doesn’t have to be an elusive goal that you chase with hours and hours at the gym. With EMSCULPT®, you can get the sculpted, toned muscles you want. Read on to learn more about this noninvasive treatment.

Nov 16th, 2020
Thinking of a Butt Lift? Consider Emsculpt®️ Instead!

Do you want the curve-enhancing effects of a butt lift — without all of the incisions and injections? Consider EmSculpt®️! We offer this noninvasive procedure so you get the look you want without surgery. Keep reading to learn more.

Oct 4th, 2020
Emsculpt®️: Your Best Bet for Toned Muscles

A healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and exercise supports a sculpted physique. Enhance your results with Emsculpt®️. The innovative technology gets you a tighter, more muscular physique without you having to put in hours at the gym.

Sep 3rd, 2020
What is Acne?

What is acne and how can Heights Aesthetic Laser Center help?

Dec 21st, 2021
Hydro Microdermabrasion

Learn everything you need to know about hydro microdermabrasion from our Heights Aesthetic Laser Center professionals.

Nov 8th, 2021
Our Solution To Sun-Damaged Skin

Sun Damage may not show itself until years after the damage has been done. Let us help you reverse the clock and bring out your youthful glow with a wide selection of treatments offered at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center.

Oct 12th, 2021
The Benefits of Vitamin C

If you haven't already incorporated vitamin C into your daily routine here are some reasons why you absolutely should!

Oct 8th, 2021
The Aquagold Facial

If you're ready for glowing and radiant skin, talk to us about the Aquagold facial.

Oct 7th, 2021
Sun Exposure and Laser Treatments

At Heights Aesthetic Laser Center, we want to help you reach all of your skin goals. Sometimes that requires a lot of care and effort to protect your new and extremely sensitive skin.

Oct 6th, 2021
Hollywood's Favorite Facial

A laser facial with no downtime, that leaves you glowing and youthful immediately after the treatment; a facial for the stars.

Oct 5th, 2021
Hyperpigmentation: What can I do about it?

Are you tired of having to deal with your hyperpigmentation? Thankfully there is a variety of options when it comes to taking care of your skin, the next step is finding out which treatment is right for you.

Sep 21st, 2021
Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Does your skin feel tight and irritated? Is it flaky and dull? There are many indications of dry and dehydrated skin and they can easily get confused! Let's talk about the difference and how to treat each!

Sep 1st, 2021
Is Emsculpt Right For You?

What does Emsculpt do? Who is the ideal candidate for the treatment? What kind of results will you see? Let's dive into it!

Sep 1st, 2021
All About Sunscreen

We all know it's important, so why is it so hard to keep up with? Finding the right sunscreen is essential to implementing SPF into your daily routine. There are multiple kinds and formulas to ensure it works right for you!

Aug 27th, 2021
Layering Products 101

Developing an at home skincare routine can be hard! There are a million products to choose from and once you narrow down the ones that would be the most beneficial for you, there is still the question of "how do I use all of these together?"

Aug 27th, 2021
Hydrojelly: All About the Trendsetting Mask

The Hydrojelly mask has become an exciting skincare treatment that is popping up all over the internet and gaining popularity in the beauty industry. Not only does this mask look gorgeous during application, it also leaves you with a radiant complexion!

Aug 26th, 2021
Rosacea, Let's Tackle it Together!

Rosacea can be a very frustrating chronic condition that is characterized by flushing and redness. Although it can be difficult to deal with, it is treatable and can be managed! If you are struggling with rosacea, read on!

Aug 25th, 2021
The Hollywood Laser Peel

Preparing for a big event? Or just looking for something to leave you with a beautiful glow? The Hollywood Laser Peel will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for anything!

Aug 25th, 2021